VacMaster VP210 Review

Besides sealing food for sous vide cooking (sealed food is put into a water bath at a constant temperature, usually for around 72 hours, to achieve precise cooking) and keeping marinated food for a longer period of time, a chamber vacuum sealer could perform a lot more sealing tasks because of its way of vacuuming… Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Linkage [Linky]

-Former Deadspin editor Will Leitch’s article in NYMag on Twitter is competent and well-written. I know that’s not the heartiest endorsement but I did read the whole thing. -Alan Mutter at Reflections of a Newsosaur is teasing us with his plans on how newspapers can charge for news online. It’s a shame he’s jumped on… Continue Reading →

The Media Is Dying [Journalism 0.0]

If you don’t believe me just subscribe to themediaisdying twitter stream. It’s all there in 140 character dribs and drabs. Graduating j-student Alvin Chang wants people to get real. “I went to a job fair recently. One recruiter greeted students by saying, “How may I discourage you today?” Another said, “I don’t know why we’re… Continue Reading →

#yyc blogs [Bloggy]

In the process of my last post I came up with an idea. A blog aggregator of Calgary based blogs. Similar to Alberta Blogs, but not as lame and not as broken. The only prerequisite to join this amazing service would be a link back. The basic format would see a blog roll on the side… Continue Reading →